Predictive technology with a human ‘hug’

Compassion is at the heart of what we do,
and how we do it.

Technology is scalable but lacks the human connection that helps people heal from loneliness. People provide the human element but can’t cover the size of the problem. The answer? Both, working together. We call this the peanut-butter and chocolate solution. Our tech-enabled human intervention program allows us to deliver timely and meaningful help to all, day or night.

Learn how technology intervention tools are improving coordination, churn, and engagement for DSNP members.


The first step is identifying those with a propensity for loneliness. We’ve extensively tested and refined our outreach and through that process, developed a suite of precise indicators. Our proprietary Loneliness Index singles out people who are at risk for chronic loneliness and social isolation, and the associated health risks. Those are the people we outreach to and invite to join the program.


The Pyx Health platform gathers screening and user engagement data that is used to understand the user’s emotional state. The data is monitored by humans and provides actionable insights to guide care. The short, non-intrusive assessments for mental and physical well-being and SDoH needs inform our compassionate, respectful interactions. Our remarkable success in capturing data is a result of treating people as humans and not disease states, which builds trusted connections.


Pyx Health builds true, individualized relationships that act as a lifeline to companionship and resources. Through interaction with our friendly chatbot “Pyxir” and our team of compassionate humans known as ANDYs (Authentic, Nuturing, Dependable, Your friend), Pyx Health users are supported and connected in ways that improve outcomes. Our users gain friends – both robot and human – who listen to them without judgement, help them find resources for SDOH needs, guide them to appropriate care, and connect them to the benefits your organization offers, in the moment they need it. For people experiencing chronic loneliness, our eight-week Thrive Pathway program helps further with a guided series of evidence-based activities and weekly calls with our staff, individualized for each person.

“I feel so good when I talk to you. Thank you
for calling and for being there for me.”

Lola – Tucson, AZ