Connect your teen with the care they need

Because everyone could use a little extra support

Safe, positive support for loneliness, anxiety, motivation, and more

Teens today face enormous pressure from school, peers, social media, and world issues, and health plans are teaming up with Pyx Health to support them in a positive, new way.

Built for and tested by teens, the program helps them connect to support for loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and depression. The program is made up of a mobile app and compassionate human contact. It is an effective way to help the young adult in your care with support for improved mental and physical health.

The Pyx Health App featuring Pyxir
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Why Pyx Health?

Pyx Health’s staff give confidential help to find care quickly and easily. With Pyx Health, your teen is seen, heard, and supported. You can feel confident knowing they’ll get safe access to the care that meets their needs. Staff are trained, certified,  background-checked and overseen by a licensed clinicain.

Pyx Health youth avatars

Our App

The Pyx Health mobile app, along with our trained staff, provide relatable, positive support. They help teens manage the stress of things like school, relationships, and social media.

The app gives 24/7 access to:

  • Resources like LGBTQIA+ support, life skills, and more
  • Services like counseling and crisis lines
  • Tools to help teens deal with bullying, self-image, emotions, and more
  • Structured activities that offer humor and support
The Pyx Health app home screen showing activities and links to resources.

It’s free!

The Pyx Health program offers positive tools, feedback, and support featuring….

The My Tools section of the Pyx Health app

A friendly character, Pyxir, shares insights, humor, and ideas for issues such as bullying, fitting in, body image, and more. 

My tools activity hub with activities to help teens manage stress and anxiety, and build resilience, social skills, and confidence. 

Local, national, and health plan services for easy, private access to care

And with a phone call, the Pyx Health Compassionate Support Center staff can give encouragement, compassion and help.

The right help, at the right time

Young adults face different challenges than adults. The Pyx Health platform includes youth-specific content to address key issues like bullying, relationship management, and LGBTQIA+ support. Our trained support staff, also known as ANDYs, are specifically selected for the youth program based on their ability to relate to teens and young adults.

Pyx Health ANDY's with resources

Talk to your teen about the program, and encourage them to download the app. 

 You can also sign up by phone: 1-855-499-4777 (select option 1)

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