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Pyx Health is a benefit offered by health insurance plans to their members at no cost. If you are not sure if your health plan provides this program, call us at 1-855-499-4777.

Because everyone could use a little extra support

Our one-of-a-kind combination of compassionate humans and simple mobile app work together to make self-care easier

Pyx Health helps you find the right care when you need it. Our caring staff and simple app connect you to the right resources at the right time. You get empowering support so you can manage your well-being with more confidence and optimism.

Be seen, heard, and get your needs met in a new way. With Pyx Health, you’re not alone.

How we help

With Pyx Health’s science-based tools and resources, you can:

  • Get connected to all the benefits your health plan offers
  • Talk with our caring staff for support
  • Find resources to help your physical and mental health – like doctors and support groups, food, transportation, diaper services and more
  • Improve mood, anxiety, motivation and more
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Compassionate humans included

If your health insurance plan provides Pyx Health as a benefit, you get unlimited toll-free phone calls to our trained, caring staff. They give compassionate support for your emotional well-being and connect you to resources for your physical and mental health needs. If you need help navigating your health plan benefits, just call! And they’re here for you when all you need is someone to talk to.

Simple to use app

The app gives you easy access to resources, night and day. Connect to health plan benefits and community resources for life’s essential needs. Get empowering emotional support for your unique journey. A handy reminder feature can help you stay top of medications or wellness activities.

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Pyx Health App Chat Feature
Pyx Health App Resources
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Available at no cost to you

There are no fees to join and use Pyx Health, and no subscription necessary. 


of members feel better after 2 calls


of members who spoke with our support staff had a significant reduction in loneliness score

Download the app on your smartphone or tablet now

No smartphone? No problem! You can also sign up by phone: 1-855-499-4777 (TTY: 711)

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