At Pyx Health, our culture is a reflection of who we are. Our beliefs drive our behaviors and actions, and together we're doing incredible work, changing lives for the better.

Our true north: the system guiding our culture

At Pyx Health, solving for loneliness is our passion and a fulfilling endeavor larger than the sum of our parts. With diversity of people, ideas, and abilities, we have created a foundation to support, strengthen and evolve extraordinary personal and professional satisfaction. The result? Distinct value for our users and the clients who trust us with their members and patients.

Our progressive BBO framework – Beliefs, Behaviors, and Outcomes – integrates the “why” of our audacious mission with a practical orientation to the “how” we accomplish it.

Our BBOs act as our true north, guiding our mindset, processes, and relationships every day, both internally and externally. They reflect the dynamic commitment modeled by our founders who inspire authenticity to thrive in every capacity across the company.

And, like our life-changing solution, they drive our robust, diverse, award-winning culture.


Being a category-leading growth company sets us apart. So does being a women-owned and women-led company, incredibly rare in the tech industry. The culture that flows from our BBOs is one more distinguishing factor that keeps us moving swiftly and unified toward our vision:
to tackle loneliness, where it matters most,
for everyone who needs it.