Cost-effective, scalable loneliness solutions for smaller health plans

Empathy-driven innovation increases engagement, improves population health, and lowers unnecessary ED use and hospitalization – no matter the scale.

Big impacts for smaller plans and managed care organizations

We understand that doing what’s best for your members is at the core of your mission regardless of scale. The need for a member-focused, accessible loneliness solution doesn’t have less value or impact simply because the scope of lives covered is smaller. Whether you serve Medicaid, Medicare, or dual eligible populations, loneliness has profound effects on your population’s health and wellbeing. Let’s improve outcomes, together.


Solve loneliness and so much more

We know that loneliness is highly correlated to and often a precursor  of multiple social needs and health conditions. Timely interventions by our non-clinical, trained staff supply companionship, build trust, and uncover and address gaps in care, SDOH and other needs. They direct members to the most appropriate care and connect them with resources – allowing your care team to operate at the top of their licenses, helping your members live healthier, more independent lives, and providing demonstrable outcomes and cost savings.

By addressing loneliness


of a Pyx Health partner’s dual eligible members improved loneliness scores


of a Pyx Health partner’s dual eligible members who spoke to a Compassionate Support Center staff member reported avoiding a higher level of service such as ED visit or calling 911


of a Pyx Health partner’s dual eligible members reported feeling very connected to their care team

“If it helps even 100 of our 7,000 members, I can sleep well at night knowing we spent that money well.” 

– COO, Pyx Health Partner

Proven ROI that connects with your mission

Supporting members along the continuum of care not only increases engagement and improves outcomes, it helps build stronger communities. By using heart-centered technology to identify and connect with at-risk members earlier, we’re able to provide timely intervention and not only see marked improvements in loneliness and depression, both of which are precursors to myriad physical and mental health issues, we’re able reduce unnecessary ED visits, increase med adherence, and decrease pmpm costs.

The bottom line?



Keep elderly members in their homes longer, living healthier and more independent lives


Alleviate burden on care teams and allow them to focus efforts on high-need members


Increase member engagement with and utilization of resources

After Pyx intervention…


reduction in loneliness for Medicare and Medicaid members


average saved per Pyx Health member over 6 months


PMPM reduction in ED and inpatient spend