How it works

Pyx Health uses easy-to-use technology with a human 'hug' and science based activities to deliver timely, meaningful help to reduce loneliness and improve health.


Our platform

The Pyx Health platform combines compassionate humans and an interactive mobile app – together they solve loneliness and its negative health impacts. Pyx Health is provided by health insurance plans as a benefit to their members at no cost.


Not sure if your health insurance covers Pyx Health?
Give us a call at 855-499-4777 and we’ll walk through the resources available to you. 

Pyx Health App on phone with hands

Pyx Health is overseen by an independently licensed clinical professional and a Chief Medical Officer. Our platform is backed by science, it is scalable, and it is smart. It connects individuals to the right resources at the right moment, providing support that extends beyond traditional health care settings.

Loneliness is a serious problem that requires a serious solution. It is correlated with health conditions like depression and obesity, and increases a person’s risk of an ER visit – even death. The Pyx Health platform has been independently studied and proven to enhance mental and physical health. We’re changing the landscape of health care, combating loneliness with an innovative combination of science, technology, and human connection. Because no one gets better alone.TM

Our people

Our highly trained and certified Compassionate Support Center staff, known as ANDYsTM (short for Authentic, Nurturing, Dependable, Your Friend ) are overseen by a licensed clinician. They help members feel seen, heard, and get connected in real time to health plan and community resources. Members who receive Pyx Health as a health plan benefit get unlimited phone calls for companionship, support and help with resources for their physical, social and mental health needs.

  • Reduce loneliness through the power of human connection
  • Provide timely, empathetic companionship and relatable experience
  • Check in on members who have indicated a need for support
  • Connect members to community resources and break down barriers to care
  • Help navigate care and health plan resources, including connections with nurse lines or care managers
  • Encourage and empower self-management of mental and physical health

Our tech

Our engaging mobile app works in tandem with our compassionate human support. Complete with an empathetic chat bot, Pyxir, and easy-to-navigate tools, the Pyx Health app gives members constant access to health resources, interactive activities, and evidence-based screenings and feedback in real-time. Our app offers multiple ways to engage and a simple, easy-to-use interface. Loneliness can make it difficult to reach out and connect not only with loved ones, but health care providers. In app, members can access health plan and community resources, boost self-care, and discover tools to help reduce loneliness and reconnect to community supports. The Pyx Health app is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified to ensure member privacy is protected.


Configurable menus

feature health plan and community resources for fast, confidential access


Empathetic chatbot

provides companionship, humor, and uplifting support and encouragement


Stimulating activities

engage and inspire well-being


Self-guided wellness activities

promote emotional, social, physical, and mental health awareness and empowerment



for medication and other wellness activities

Our program

With Pyx Health, members have access to an ever-growing collection of tools to support their mental, social, and physical health needs. But what if someone needs a little extra support? What if their loneliness is persistent?

We understand loneliness can be experienced intermittently or chronically. Sometimes individuals need guidance to overcome loneliness. For this reason, Pyx Health has designed a program that is proven to significantly reduce loneliness upon completion.

Pyx Health App on a tablet

For people experiencing persistent or chronic loneliness, our eight-week Thrive PathwayTM program helps further support with a guided series of science-backed activities and support from our staff. It’s a highly effective, whole-person approach rooted in positive psychology.

Thrive Pathway features:

  • An intensive, tailored program based on individual needs
  • Pyx Health-initiated, evidence-based screenings capture emotional and general health status changes
  • Scheduled interventions/check-ins by a dedicated ANDY
  • Science-backed activities promote positive self-care and provide uplifting companionship
  • Proven improvement for even the most intense and persistent loneliness

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