Because no one gets better alone.TM

Tackling loneliness when it matters most, for everyone who needs it

Our company

Female led and LGBTQI+ founded, Pyx Health is the first proven, serious solution for loneliness. We’re working with health insurance plans nationwide to reduce loneliness in their most vulnerable populations.

With science and smarts, we’ve developed a solution that reduces loneliness, improves patient and member outcomes, reduces financial burden on the health care system, and promotes health equity. In doing so, we’ve created a new category in health care.

Pyx Health combines easy-to-use technology, timely human connection, and science-based programming to improve loneliness at scale. We’re giving people the tools they need to solve loneliness on a personal level, and have built the bridge health care needs to address this growing and deadly epidemic nationally.

Our mission and vision

When Pyx Health was founded in 2017 by Cindy and Anne Jordan, loneliness was barely in the public eye. Fast forward to today: the epidemic of loneliness is widely recognized yet poorly understood, despite being one of the biggest challenges in public health. We’re leading the world toward a solution.

Pyx Health is on a mission to help people suffering from loneliness and social isolation, the root cause of myriad physical and behavioral health issues impacting Americans today.

We deeply understand the negative effects of loneliness on mental and physical health and passionately champion an audacious goal: to tackle loneliness, where it matters most, for everyone who needs it.


Our culture

Our successful, diverse culture and progressive management philosophy have propelled us to achieve game changing innovation and a ‘Best Place to Work’ certification two years running. We’re guided by principles that not only inspire us as a team, but that are key to tackling loneliness. We believe that human connection comes first, what we do is more than a job, and that our work is never done.

Join us

Together we can change the face of loneliness.