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Life can be hard. We’re here to help.

If you feel lonely, depressed, or anxious navigating today’s world, Pyx Health can help.

Whether it’s pressure from school, peers, social media, world issues, or anything else, you are not alone! Our app and trained staff can help you feel better, day and night.

Pyx Health ANDY's with resources

Seen. Heard. Supported.

Young adult using a phone while taking a break from class

Built for and tested by young adults, Pyx Health’s program connects you to confidential, judgement-free, positive support for loneliness, social isolation and depression. You can get help to manage stress, build relationships, or embrace self-care.

The app gives 24/7 access to….

  • LGBTQAI+ support
  • Life skills
  • Counseling services and crisis lines
  • Activities for friendship, self-image, emotions, and more
  • Structured activities that offer humor and support

Chat with Pyxir

Pyxir is our friendly chatbot! Pyxir checks in with you regularly and offers insights, jokes and practical ideas for self-care. Pyxir is there with uplifting support whenever you need it. 

Pyx Health App Chat Feature

I feel like they are tiny steps, but I’m being more social, being myself more often.

T, Pyx Health member

I know that I’ve gotten this far in the last six months, and in my opinion, it’s further than I would have gotten without Pyx Health.

K, Pyx Health member

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The right help, at the right time

As a young adult, the challenges you face are different than adults. The Pyx Health platform includes specific content to address key issues like bullying, relationship management, and LGBTQIA+ support. Our trained support staff, also known as ANDYs, are specifically selected for the youth program based on their ability to relate to you.

Pyx Health ANDY's with resources
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