The Science Behind Pyx Health

The loneliness epidemic is widespread but largely misunderstood. Pyx Health is powered by the latest scientific research on loneliness and positive psychology to improve outcomes at scale.

Our approach to loneliness is backed by science and proven with data.

We know that the key to an effective, scalable loneliness solution requires a balance of tech and humans. To optimize the reduction of loneliness, our approach must be informed by statistically significant, proven methods. We achieve this through the application of a scientific framework powered by both industry research and our proprietary data. Because of our investment in and commitment to a provable solution, Pyx Health boasts a sizeable data set not found anywhere else. With our insights, we are setting the industry standard on how to solve for loneliness.

Not only does our data prove positive health outcomes, but independent third-party research proves our solution effectively assesses and helps members overcome loneliness. The result is a cascade of benefits for both health plans and their members. Users feel less lonely, depressed, and anxious and experience more satisfaction with their care teams—while health plans realize significant savings reducing high-cost utilization through increased engagement.


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