A change for the better. Looking for a place to put your passion to work? We're leading the industry in solving loneliness. Join us!

A change for the better

At Pyx Health we are helping to change the lives of the people we serve every day. Passion and compassion are the very soul of everything we do, and everyone is expected to bring both to their work and to each other. My intentions as founder and CEO are to be authentic, treat employees like family, operate with full transparency, and offer lots of opportunity for personal growth. If you’re ready to make a difference, work at a fast pace, have fun, contribute to our mission, and feed your soul, we hope you will take the time to apply.

– Cindy Jordan, Founder and CEO

Cindy Jordan

We’re successful because of our people… and we have good people.

Supportive. Respectful. Welcoming. Authentic. Diverse. Collaborative. Challenging. Creative. Responsive. Fun.
These are some of the words our team uses to describe working at Pyx Health. Interested in joining us?

Please be aware of hiring scams!

The Pyx Health team is comprised of an amazing group of individuals, and we’re always on the lookout for people who can be themselves, align with us, and help us achieve our audacious mission. That said, hiring scams are becoming more and more frequent so to help ensure the safety of your information and the validity of any job offering, please keep the following in mind: 

  • All communications from Pyx Health regarding interviews, opportunities, and/or job offers will come from an email address ending with
  • All official positions with Pyx Health will be listed on
  • Pyx Health will never ask you for a financial commitment during the interview process

If you suspect you’ve been contacted by an individual falsely representing an opportunity with Pyx Health, please reach out to the Pyx Health HR team.

What do we do, exactly?

We offer the first loneliness and social isolation technology solution focused on serving vulnerable populations and improving health outcomes. Combining a digital platform with timely human interventions from our Compassionate Support Center, Pyx Health provides employers and healthcare providers an innovative, scalable solution that effectively addresses the nation’s critical loneliness epidemic. Pyx Health is proven to decrease inpatient and ED utilization costs while providing members extra support in times of need.

Our vision

To tackle loneliness, where it matters most, for everyone who needs it

Our mission

Pyx Health serves everyone through unwavering commitment to compassionate service, companionship, and humanity

What sets us apart

The Pyx Health “how” is captured in our novel BBOs – Beliefs, Behaviors and Outcomes – that guide our every move. We hold ourselves and each other to them, and we reward each other when we live them out in our work. They brilliantly integrate the “why” of our audacious mission and vision with a practical and powerful orientation to the “how” we accomplish it. The BBOs guide our mindset, actions, and processes every day, so we all – individually, and as a company – can:


• Decrease suffering
• Increase wellbeing


• Provide safe space to succeed
• Advance careers


• Plan for the best next version of
    Pyx Health
• Test, measure, improve

A peek into life at Pyx

No matter who you are, you have a place here.

Diversity is being invited to the party, where inclusion is being asked to dance. Here at Pyx Health we embrace the differences each employee brings to the table and offer an unlimited invitation to dance. Be you and align with us.

Benefits beyond the mission.

Our lively culture and passionate mission aren’t the only benefits to joining the team.
Upon joining the team, you’ll also receive:

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Medical, Dental
& Vision

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401k Plan

Competitive pay icon

Competitive Pay

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Paid Time Off

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Referral Bonus

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Meaningful Purpose
Fills Your Heart Daily

Equal Opportunities and Accommodations

Pyx Health is proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. Pyx Health is committed to building a workplace and community where diversity and inclusion is not only valued but prioritized. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need.

I’ve worked at a few different healthcare companies in my career, each time hoping that the work that I did would make a meaningfully positive impact on the lives of the people I served. Pyx is different; the work we do here has a very real and meaningful impact on the lives of our members. We frequently hear from our members how our services have helped them in amazing and tangible ways. There is no better feeling than knowing that the hours you spend in your day are making a difference for some of the most overlooked and underserved members of our communities.

-Chad Nierenhausen, Vice President, Software Development

When I call people to tell them about Pyx Health I always begin with, “How are you feeling today?” I ask this because often in this world we ignore how others feel , thereby invalidating and ignoring potential loneliness. My question causes members to pause for a moment and go inward. More times than not that small pause puts a spotlight on something they need to share, and they answer me with their truth. It is in this dialogue where we connect. Members appreciate that I do not call and talk to them like a robot. I call them and talk to them as a human. By respecting our common humanity our individual humanity is honored, and it is in that space that I bring light to the lonely and love to all.

– Sarah Moon, Member Success Associate

I spent many years managing projects and accounts in other places where I didn’t always know WHY I was doing what I was doing or if it even mattered. But helping my clients help their members with the Pyx Health platform means I’m actually fighting loneliness for people who really need it. That’s pretty cool. And the bonus is that I get to do all this in a place where I feel valued, challenged, and where I laugh out loud pretty much every single day.

– Garri Jackson Mace, Client Success Manager

When a young lady who is homeless called me asking if I know the suicide hotline number, I realized she was reaching out for help. She was reaching out to us when she was sitting on the sidewalk crying and has no one in the world to call ­­– she was done struggling with life. This is how she was feeling at that moment, and it was real, loneliness is painful. Every day I get to help people who need a friend to listen to them. It is especially meaningful when they have no one else to help share their burdens.

– Kendra Black, Compassionate Support Specialist

I didn’t realize how much social isolation and loneliness affected our members until I experienced both over the last couple of months. I also realized that loneliness and social isolation are preventable with the help of our app and I am honored to work for a company that has such an amazing mission!

– Milena Thompson, Chief of Staff

I love working at Pyx. Every day I get to do what I love and I make a change in people’s lives. The atmosphere is the best I’ve ever experienced and everyone here is like family… we all look to help each other succeed and do our best. We have lots of fun too.

– Joanne Durso, Support Center Specialist

Knowing that loneliness is an underlying crisis for our most vulnerable humans, I am incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to educate and share Pyx Health with those who are poised to make a difference. This is a mental health crisis that we all need to continue to talk about and raise awareness and hopefully, help those who are most affected.

– Rachael Jacobson, VP Business Development

Before I joined the Pyx team, I wasn’t aware that chronic loneliness is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day. That statistic was astonishing to me and helped me understand the gravity of it all.  So much of what we do is to bring positivity to people who are experiencing loneliness. Being able to write content as our chatbot, Pyxir, I love having the opportunity to add humor and levity to their day. We all deserve love and connection no matter who you are or what your background is ­– that’s why I love being a part of this team and our mission.

– Sammi Berwick, Senior Marketing Coordinator