In it together

Out of heartbreak came a burning question: How could we have seen it coming? Founder and CEO Cindy Jordan’s search for answers to her daughter’s downward spiral led her to create Pyx Health, a young company with an audacious goal: to bring loneliness to light, and lead the health care industry to regard loneliness as a treatable condition.

We’ve experienced tremendous growth as health plans, ACOs, and at-risk payors seek innovative solutions to rising costs and stubborn over-utilization. We’re proving every day that solving for loneliness and social isolation – an unexpected driver of those problems – is a powerful answer, as well as the compassionate thing to do.

Pyx Health CEO and Founder Cindy Jordan

Cindy Jordan
Founder / Chief Executive

I am proud, honored, and quite frankly humbled that this team has found a solution to solve the deep pain of loneliness and social isolation. One day I can see Pyx Health helping many more who are lonely and socially isolated to be happier, healthier, and more connected humans.

Cindy Jordan is a brilliant and boundless leader. Her eclectic professional experience has aligned her work life with her deep care for the well-being of others, culminating in the launch of Pyx Health in 2018, the first loneliness solution solely focused on helping the most vulnerable.

Cindy’s story is unique. After five years as a police officer in the Washington DC area, she shifted her career to politics as a political fundraiser. While working in that arena, Cindy saw that when she passionately believed in and supported causes that make a difference, change can – and does – take place.

After moving west, Cindy worked as a lead strategist at a marketing agency where her primary account was Arizona’s largest physician practice and hospital group. Her work for this group provided the opportunity for innovative strategic program development. It was during this time a new business venture – Medical Referral Source (MRS), a referral technology tool for physicians – was conceived and launched.

MRS was acquired by The Advisory Board Company in 2013 and Cindy was hired as Managing Director. While there, she continued to grow MRS, now known as Crimson Medical Referrals. Her charge was selling to large hospital groups, which she did very successfully.

After witnessing a family member’s mental health crisis, Cindy co-founded Pyx Health with Anne Jordan in 2018. As the CEO, Cindy continues to fuel innovation and growth. Finding a near perfect balance of technology and compassionate human intervention, she leads the company on its mission to effectively address the health crisis of loneliness and social isolation.

Cindy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Government from George Mason University. In her spare time, she is trying not to run for Mayor.

Pyx Health founder and CCO Anne Jordan

Anne Jordan
Founder / Chief Customer

My daughter showed me how devastating loneliness and social isolation can be. Helping support others who feel this way and who need ways to change their day-to-day lives is what truly matters. It’s time to see loneliness as a serious condition.

Anne Jordan brings the perfect combination of heart and fire to Pyx Health. As Chief Customer Officer, her in-depth knowledge of the world of health care as a business, along with her fearless commitment to problem solving, is evidenced daily by her passion to create momentum and to elevate the conversation on healing.

Anne is a master communicator, proven by her exceptional track record of success in health care technology start-ups, big pharma, and the nonprofit world. She understands the day-to-day challenges of payors, providers, and their organizational realities.

She spent 25 years in sales working at conglomerate organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Schering/Plough, and Berwick Insurance, experience that was invaluable to the success of the start-up Medical Referral Source and the nonprofit Save the Cord Foundation.

Before co-founding Pyx Health, she served as a senior director at The Advisory Board Company.

Anne holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Romance languages from The University of Arizona.

One day, Anne will be the founder of an animal rescue operation. There will be goats.

Pyx Health COO Christina Rice

Christina Rice
Chief Operating Officer

I took a big leap out of the corporate world to make a more direct impact in health care and was instantly connected to the mission of Pyx Health. I knew that by getting our solution into the hands of the people who needed it, we could make a big difference in their lives.

Christina Rice is excellence organizational strategy, personified. Her responsibilities with Pyx Health cover nearly every part of the company as she manages myriad operations daily in the fast-paced environment required to spearhead change.

Christina came to Pyx Health with solid experience in diverse organizations within the health care sector. She has specific experience in academic medicine, community hospitals, Medicaid managed care, and Federal Marketplace insurance. Christina understands regulatory compliance initiatives including identification and analysis of structure and process.

Christina ran operations for Cenpatico Behavioral Health, and prior to that worked in health care consulting and academic medicine. Today, she leverages these skills to guide, manage and influence successful operations, while empowering teams to ensure continuous improvement, revenue, and profit.

Christina holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Eller College at The University of Arizona.

She serves on the Amphi Foundation Board of Directors.

Pyx Health Chief Innovation Officer Sloane Steele

Sloane Steele
Chief Innovation Officer

Pyx Health has a magnificent and rare trifecta: an immensely impactful mission, an incredibly diverse and driven team, and a one-of-a-kind product offering. These are the exceptional truths that drew me to Pyx Health.

With a 20+ year career in health care, including emphasis on mental health programs and innovations, Sloane’s unique combination of clinical, technical, and analytical skills bolster Pyx Health’s product portfolio and advance our mission to solve the crisis of loneliness. Sloane focuses on invoking and employing feedback from hands-on user groups and coupling this with evidence-based data to inform product strategy and design to ensure continual advancement of meaningful functionality and programs offered by Pyx Health.

Sloane is a pioneer in the world of health analytics and whole-person care delivery models. She understands the imperative role of technology-supported solutions in today’s health care paradigm.

For more than a decade, Sloane has lead teams in creating and delivering advanced health solutions. She has broad functional experience in all areas of health care, including the Medicare and Medicaid environment, employer groups, and direct-to-customer models. Her experience includes creating new technology, developing innovative data capture and analytics models, advancing clinical and non-clinical care delivery models, and building continuous improvement programs.

Above all else, Sloane is devoted to supporting people, process, and technology with the persistent goal of improving the lives of everyone she has the opportunity to work with and for.

Sloane holds a Bachelor of Administration from Lindenwood University, and a master’s degree in Healthcare Management Information Systems from Maryville University of St. Louis.

Sloane spends her free time mentoring health care industry leaders, supporting her favorite nonprofit organizations, volunteering in her community, and adventuring with her young daughter.

Pyx Health Chief Product Officer Eric Rankin

Eric Rankin
Chief Product Officer

I joined Pyx Health because of my strong belief in helping others and in the Pyx Health mission. At some point, everyone has, or will, experience loneliness and my working to address the harmful impact feels like a worthy pursuit.

As Chief Product Officer, Eric Rankin leads the Pyx Health product team with a passionate dedication to solving loneliness. He continually deepens the company’s understanding of measured market need, and reacts by producing best-of-class software and disseminating vital research.

A proven relationship builder, Eric contributes to organizational success on multiple levels. He built his career on providing the vision, leadership, and technical expertise that companies need to best leverage their technology and products into elegant solutions.

Eric has broad experience in creating and managing technology roadmaps. He has managed multi-site projects and understands capacity planning, product development, mergers and acquisitions, and e-commerce. To further evidence his assets, Eric has expertise in cybersecurity, software-as-a-service (SaaS), IT best practices, legal compliance, software development lifecycles, CRM, and risk management.

Prior to joining Pyx Health, Eric worked with Simpleview and ScriptSave as Vice President of Information Technology and Product Development. Eric honed his professional acumen with a range of large and rapid-growth firms, including Unisource Energy, McKesson, and Sunquest.

Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Management Applied Science from Southern New Hampshire University and a master’s degree in Information Technology Management from the University of Phoenix. Eric continues to build on his education, staying current in the rapidly evolving fields of IT, big data, and technology development.

When he’s not working or spending time with his family, Eric volunteers his time as an Arizona Ranger.

Pyx Health Chief Growth Officer Lily Rager

Lily Rager
Chief Growth Officer

It’s remarkable what we can accomplish when we put the human – in contrast to the patient – in the center of health care.

Lily Rager directs all things related to revenue, business development and client management.

A seasoned executive with over two decades of commercial management experience, Lily has the innate ability to help organizations perform above the status quo. Across her career at Optum, The Advisory Board Company, Teach for America, and Gartner, she has honed her strengths in sales strategy, market analysis, and talent development.

At Pyx Health, Lily brings her professional experience together with her personal drive to accelerate the already meteoric impact Pyx Health is having in overcoming loneliness.

Lily graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Arts in Russian.

Pyx Health Executive Vice President, Business Development Rachael Jacobsen

Rachael Swan
Executive Vice President,
Business Development

Having known Cindy and Anne from a prior work experience, when they asked if I wanted to help launch Pyx Health, I never hesitated. I feel both humbled and grateful to be part of furthering the mission to solve loneliness and reach people who are in need.

Rachael Swan masterfully articulates the benefits of Pyx Health’s member-centered platform to help prospects understand the big picture solution that the platform delivers.

Rachael’s role includes overseeing business development and capitalizing on sales opportunities. She spends her days working with the largest Medicaid and Medicare plans in the country and exploring new channels for profitable partnerships.

Rachael brings valuable experience garnered from her work as Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships with Diary Corporation, and as Associate Director within the Performance Technologies, a division of The Advisory Board Company. In addition, she has worked as a strategic advisor with large, progressive health care systems, and public and private hospitals where her work focused on issues such as profitable growth, clinical integration, and workforce efficiency.

Rachael received her bachelor’s degree from New York University in Theater. When she’s not working, you can find her enjoying Colorado with her son Everett, husband Casey and their Goldendoodle, Doby.