Our Results

A compassionate solution delivering better outcomes and reduced costs.


Our Results

Unlike similar programs, our results are proven by validated outcomes data. Pyx Health delivers:

Better health outcomes. On average, we reduce loneliness by at least 60%. We know this because we assess an individual’s loneliness over time.

Improved cost-savings for health insurers and fewer ER visits for members. $847PM/PM in reduced acute care in ED or similar setting in 6 months following Pyx Health use compared to 6 months prior to Pyx Health use

Increased member satisfaction with their health plan. 67% reported that the program made them feel more connected to their health plan


We work with health insurers to design a flexible, configurable program to achieve these results and more for their unique populations.


Average Decrease
in Loneliness

$846 PM/PM

Over 6 months in reduced acute care in ed or similar setting


Better Connected
to care teams

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