Industry-leading loneliness solutions for youth

Pyx Health offers a persistent, relatable loneliness solution for teens and young adults that is interconnected with your health plan’s resources and population-specific social supports .

Meeting the moment: a youth mental health crisis

Loneliness is most prevalent in the young adult age group, but few proven solutions exist. The problem has only been compounded by the pandemic. Loneliness is one of the top risk factors for depression, anxiety, suicide, obesity, diabetes, and a litany of other deadly mental and physical health issues. In fact, a CDC study on mental health found that young adults reported the highest levels of anxiety and depression – 62.9% reported either or both. 

A persistent, relatable, scalable solution 

Mental health and loneliness can change quickly in reaction to the life events of young adults ages 13-21, and even the newest recommendations for mental health screenings – while a huge step forward – aren’t enough. The increased impulsivity experienced with developing brains can shift significantly and rapidly in between these assessments, and the shortage of mental health professionals available can leave teens on a wait list for care. Together, we can, and must do better. 

By directly addressing loneliness through science-based programming, compassionate human connection and an easy to use app with 24/7 availability, we can meet the needs of your young members when and where they need them.

No wrong door with the right connections

For young adults, a digital app allows them to feel more comfortable interacting with and being vulnerable in a space where they can talk with someone who isn’t directly related to their stresses. And with a phone call or direct message, young adults can connect with a trained Pyx Health staff member who has relatable life experiences for encouragement, compassion and help. This non-judgmental, anonymous environment breaks down the social stigma of therapy and provides an opening to deepen the level of interaction and engagement with trained support staff and reinforced connection with their regular care network. The result? Improved self-management and skill development for long term stability. 

The Pyx Health program offers positive tools, feedback and support featuring: 

The Pyx Health App featuring Pyxir

A friendly character, Pyxir, shares insights, humor, and ideas for issues such as bullying, fitting in, body image, and more. Our technology works hand in hand with our skilled team to ensure timely, relevant support.

The platform keeps youth and their guardians connected with local, national and health plan health plan services. We work with care management teams to ensure easy access to resources critical young adults and teens.

The right help, at the right time

Young adults face different challenges than adults. The Pyx Health platform includes youth-specific content to address key issues like bullying, relationship management, and LGBTQIA+ support. Our trained support staff, also known as ANDYs, are specifically selected for the youth program based on their ability to relate to teens and young adults.

Pyx Health ANDY's with resources
Pyx Health youth avatars

By addressing loneliness


of Pyx Health users feel more connected to their
health care team


of Pyx Health users use
the app for at
least 30 days

PMPM saved
in ED and
inpatient costs

A trusted partner in care support

Our team relieves the burden on care management with non-clinical intervention, so your team can focus on what they do best. We engage with your young adult members and their guardians to understand their needs. Then we connect them to the right resources, determined by you.

“My ANDY has become somebody that is in a sense a bridge point between my therapy appointments.”

K., Pyx Health member in Arizona