This activity is for people who feel nervous in social situations. It’s a simple way to handle worries by turning negative thoughts into positive ones, helping you become more confident and enjoy social interactions. 

Goal: Manage nervous feelings in social situations by changing negative thoughts into positive ones.


Worry: “What if I say something weird and everyone laughs?” 

Positive thought: “What if I make a friendly comment that everyone enjoys, making the atmosphere positive?” 

How to begin: 

Gather Your Tools: Use paper or a digital tool to jot down your answers.


  1. Recognize social concerns: Think about situations that make you feel anxious in social settings.
  2. Write down negative thoughts: List worries or fears about social interactions.
  3. Replace with positive thoughts: For each worry, think of a positive outcome. Challenge negative thoughts with optimistic possibilities.
  4. Repeat the steps: Keep going for each worry. Swap negative thoughts for positive ones.
  5. Think about realistic possibilities: Consider how likely negative and positive outcomes are. Positive scenarios are just as possible.
  6. Keep your list handy: Fold the paper and keep it in your pocket. Look at your positive thoughts when feeling anxious to remind yourself of better possibilities.
  7. Stay present: Focus on the current moment during social interactions. Use your list to bring your thoughts back to positive ideas.
  8. Take small steps: Gradually expose yourself to social situations that make you anxious. Use positive thoughts as motivation.
  9. Reflect on progress: After social situations, think about how the activity affected your experience. Notice positive outcomes matching your positive thoughts.  


The goal is not to eliminate all anxiety but to change thinking and gain confidence in social situations. With practice, approaching social interactions with a positive mindset might become easier.