Setting boundaries is important for self-care during the holidays. It involves making wise choices about how we spend our time and energy. Prioritizing self-care not only improves our mental well-being and positivity but also ensures we have the emotional energy to connect effectively with others. 

Goal: Make holidays more enjoyable and less stressful by practicing setting boundaries. 


  1. Choose what matters: Write down three things that are most important to you during the holidays. Example: Family time, relaxation, enjoying holiday traditions.
  2. Identify stressful moments: Think about situations during the holidays that could cause stress or distract from what matters to you. Example: Attending too many events, financial stress for gifts or events.
  3. Set clear limits: For each holiday priority, establish clear and realistic limits or boundaries. Example: Attend only two social events per week, set a specific budget for gifts.
  4. Communicate boundaries: Practice clearly and confidently communicating your boundaries to others. Example: Politely decline extra activities, inform family of your availability for holiday preparations.
  5. Celebrate success: Acknowledge and celebrate your successes in maintaining boundaries. Example: Experience less stress and more personal time during the holidays. 

 Questions to consider: 

  1. Did communicating boundaries feel challenging or empowering?
  2. How did setting and maintaining boundaries impact your stress levels? 


The goal is to practice making the holidays more enjoyable by setting and adjusting boundaries that align with your needs and priorities, ensuring a fulfilling holiday experience.