This simple activity is designed to help people facing tough times during the holidays using positive ideas, with a focus on the importance of remembering loved ones. 

Goal: This activity will give you practical tools to navigate the challenges of the holidays, promoting a sense of inner strength, gratitude, and kindness toward oneself and others. 

How to Begin: 

  • Prepare Your Tools: Get a piece of paper or use a digital tool to jot down your answers. 
  •  Focus: Find a quiet space where you can feel comfortable and are distraction-free 


  • Thinking about Good Times: Find a quiet spot. Take a few deep breaths. Remember good times from past holidays with your loved one. Write down things that make you happy. 
  • Writing Down Thankful Thoughts: Think about three things you’re thankful for today. Write them down. This helps you focus on good things happening now. 
  • Finding Your Strengths: Think about things you’re good at. Write down three things and how they can help you during tough times. Knowing your strengths can make you stronger. 
  • Quiet Time for Yourself: Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Breathe in and out. Tell yourself nice things like, “It’s okay to feel this way.” This helps you be kind to yourself. 
  • Realistic Expectations: Think about what you expect during the holidays. It’s okay if everything isn’t perfect. Adjust your expectations and be kind to yourself. 
  • Planning Small Acts of Kindness: Think of small ways to be kind to others or yourself. Plan to do at least one kind thing in the next few weeks. 
  • Importance of Remembering: Think about why it’s important to remember loved ones during the holidays. Remembering them is crucial for your well-being, helping you honor their memory and keep their positive influence alive in your heart. 
  • Looking Back and Closing: Think about what you did. How do you feel? Close your notes, knowing you can come back to them. 

Remember, getting through tough times takes time. It’s okay to talk to friends or family if you need help. 

Reminder: if you need help with food, housing, or other necessities this time of year, refer to the Resources section of the Pyx app.