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Company dedicated to helping people suffering from loneliness and social isolation establishes helpline to provide companionship, support and resources 


Tucson, Ariz., June 12, 2023 — America’s loneliness epidemic has been in the spotlight recently, with the United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy releasing a General Advisory calling attention to the public health crisis. In recognition of this pervasive issue, Pyx Health, a tech-enabled services company that provides health plans and their members an innovative, scalable solution to manage loneliness and social isolation, has launched the first National Loneliness Helpline, available 24/7 during Loneliness Awareness Week (June 12-18, 2023).

The Helpline is available to anyone aged 13 and over who is experiencing feelings of loneliness and needs support. Staffed by Pyx Health’s compassionate support specialists, callers will be provided with live, confidential, one-on-one companionship, self-management tips and referrals to national and local resources for continued support.

“When someone is feeling lonely, they are often told to ‘call a family member’ or ‘make plans with friends.’ But for people with chronic loneliness, a pervasive feeling of being isolated or misunderstood can make it incredibly difficult to reach out for help,” said Cindy Jordan, Co-Founder and CEO of Pyx Health. “Our Helpline is designed to support anyone feeling ‘stuck’ in their loneliness, and give them resources that enable them to feel more connected to their friends, family, and community.”

According to Pyx Health, addressing the loneliness epidemic requires a multi-faceted approach, involving social support systems, mental healthcare accessibility, community engagement, and promoting meaningful connections among individuals. The Helpline was created to engage with people struggling with loneliness, and provide them with insights and resources to manage it.

The National Loneliness Helpline is available to both English and Spanish callers and will also offer support for youth and LGBTQ+ individuals. All phone calls are confidential. The Helpline is not intended as an emergency response line and individuals in a behavioral health crisis should continue to contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or dial 911 in the event of a medical emergency.

“Loneliness can affect individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and demographics,” said Terry Randolph, LPC, Chief Program Officer at Pyx Health. “While experiencing loneliness is a normal human emotion, a large segment of the population is dealing with it as a chronic social condition that impacts their health, ability to work, and effectively engage in life. The Helpline focuses on the importance of fostering connections and provides resources to address the root cause of the individual’s loneliness.”

The National Loneliness Helpline is accessible by phone at 1-855-799-0700 from June 12-18th. For more information about the Helpline and Pyx Health, please visit

About Pyx Health

Pyx Health offers the first evidence-based, data-driven loneliness solution that effectively addresses society’s critical loneliness epidemic. Pyx Health leverages scalable technology and skilled, compassionate peer-to-peer human support to effectively reduce loneliness. Pyx Health’s unique approach improves mental health outcomes, mitigates loneliness-related physical health conditions, and ultimately reduces health care costs. For more information, visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Because no one gets better alone™.