How My Daughter Died From Chronic Loneliness

My daughter died of loneliness. I’m on a mission to prevent other families from experiencing this grief

Chronic loneliness is a silent killer; it’s time that the conversation around it got louder.

Pyx Health founder and CEO, Cindy Jordan, recently shared her story with Motherly as a part of The Motherly Collective contributor network, where they showcase the stories, experiences and advice from brands, writers and experts who want to share their perspective with the Motherly community.

When tragedies occur, everyone wants an answer as to why. They want someone or something to blame. That’s how grief works; it turns our world upside down and leaves us longing to understand what really caused our loved ones to lose their battle. The heartbreak can feel insurmountable. 

I know this because my daughter Rylie lost her battle with mental health last year. Ultimately, addiction took her life. But, like too many others, Rylie’s addiction was deeply rooted in her core struggle: chronic loneliness.