How CEOs Can Find the Right COO for Their Company

Pyx Health founder and CEO, Cindy Jordan, wrote an article for for the Forbes Business Council on the importance of finding the right COO. 

If there’s one relationship that can make or break your company, it’s the one between the CEO and COO. There are different schools of thought on what the best COO brings to the partnersihp. Are they running the day-to-day of the company so the CEO can focus on external stakeholders? Are they operationalizing the business strategy? Do they act as a true partner in the business or complement the CEO’s managerial strengths?

No matter what the COO role will entail, it’s integral to find the right person for the job. As a CEO who has intentionally built my relationship with my COO, selecting the right candidate is more than simply finding someone who complements your skill set. Here’s my advice on what you should look for when choosing your next COO.