How America Lost Its Optimism

Terry Randolph, Chief Program Officer at Pyx Health, spoke to Jack Beresford of Newsweek  for their article, “How America Lost Its Optimism“.

There’s no denying that the pandemic took a significant toll on the mental health of millions across America. Research published in The Lancet Regional Health by researchers from Boston University found that, prior to the pandemic, around 8 percent of U.S. adults experienced some form of depression. By April 2020, that proportion had jumped to 28 percent. When researchers returned to survey the same group again in 2021, the figure rose to 32 percent.

While the World Health Organization recently acknowledged that we are in a “best position” to deal with COVID, the isolation lockdown created has left a lasting impression on the human psyche, as Terry Randolph, a licensed professional counselor, has seen first hand.

Randolph is chief program officer at Pyx Health, a telehealth service that supports those suffering from loneliness and social isolation. She told Newsweek she has witnessed firsthand how the pandemic has “exacerbated” these issues and continues to do so even as life returns to normal…..

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