To make your holidays happier and more meaningful, think about what really matters to you. This activity helps you discover and use your personal values, making the season more enjoyable. 

Getting started: 

  1. Gather your tools: Use a piece of paper to write down your answers.
  2. Relax: Take a moment to breathe deeply and clear your mind.
  3. Reflect on important things: Consider what matters most to you, especially during the holidays. 


  1. List your values: Write down three values that are important to you. 
  2. Review your values: Think about why each value is important, especially during the holidays. 
  3. Check your emotions: Reflect on how thinking about your values made you feel. 
  4. Connect to well-being: Consider if the exercise made you feel more grounded, content, or aligned with what matters. 
  5. Apply to plans: Think about how your values might influence your holiday plans. Identify activities or traditions based on your values. 
  6. Impact on relationships: Consider how your values might affect your relationships during the holidays. Find ways to share your values or engage in activities aligned with shared values. 

By doing this exercise, you’re taking a step toward making your holidays more fulfilling and connected. Let your values guide your actions, making the season enjoyable and meaningful for you and those around you.