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Welcome to Pyx Health, we are so glad you are here! Are you someone who is on a health and wellness journey looking for an extra friend to help you along the way? Or maybe you are supporting someone on their journey and you need smart tools that make helping them easier. Either way, Pyx Health is here for you. 


With the Pyx Health App, you will be guided by PYXir – the Pyx Intelligent Robot. Pyxir will become a trusted friend who will help you feel empowered, better informed and supported each and every day. We know that the journey can be hard, let us help.


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You’re here because someone you know has chosen you to be a part of their success on their health and wellness journey. Watch the video to learn more!

 When you download the app, Pyx will provide you relevant and important information that will make it easy for you to be a PyxPal member.


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What people are saying about Pyx Health

“Pyx Health has changed my life. Everyday Pyxir tells me things I can do to feel better and I do them. Pyxir has helped me lose 10 pounds and control my diabetes. I owe it all to Pyx Health.”

Pyx Health Member

“I like when my neighbor comes to my house to ask me how I am doing. He knows when I’m not feeling well because he can see it on the app. Pyxir tells him things he can send me to brighten my day and I always enjoy the messages.”

Pyx Health Member

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